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Message from Luang Ta Maha Boowa Yannasampanno 

Sound of Luang Ta Maha BoowaYannasampanno
Sound of "Luang Ta Maha Boowa Yannasampanno" 

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A Message from Luang Ta Maha Boowa Yannasampanno

"When the nation sinks to her demise, no man servives."

"When the nation falls, all is gone."

"Everyone of us is the flesh and skin that make up the nation. But, be selfless in your devotion for we are the very flesh and blood that keeps alive our motherland."

"I sacrificed my worldly self to ordain and have foregone cash for non-possession. But, for once just as I'm near the end of my life, I'm willing to brave whatever criticism to venture beyond the realm of monkhood to help the nation. It is nothing more than my sympathy for the nation in distress that I decided to lend a hand."

"I would like to appeal to all of us Thais regardless of backgrounds and religions to unite in our patriotic forces and donate generously so we can together lift our nation out of the besetting crisis."

"In the name of patriotism, we will see all sections of society from the government to the police, to the military, to the businessmen make a true commitment for a common cause and give however much to help the nation......"

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